20 September 2013

Jayne and Vera in TF2

A while ago, I noticed that the Heavy in Team Fortress 2 had a stocking cap that looked like Jayne's hat in Firefly.
So I made a texture for it and in my fanboy craze for Firefly, started to make an animation.
I animated the Heavy on a Jayne's line from the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds" with his hat and here it is :

And keep flying folks...

1 February 2013


I'm passing by because I found out the introduction of the Buddha Bar's website was released.
I worked on it early 2012.

I can't find a way to put it on the blog so if you want to see it, you'll have to go there (maybe by clicking here).

I modeled kind of Victorian Buildings for Paris, Russian Builings and Indian Building and some éléments of the set's in the streets.

See you...

22 November 2012

La Plagne

A few month ago, I work at "Chez Eddy" (or Eddy's in english I guess) for a commercial about "La Plagne"wich is a ski resort in france.
I worked on the animation with Adrien Kedochim and here is the result :

Thank's Chez Eddy

Now I'm on a Kellogg's add there too.

See you Browncoats... and none browncoat's too.

11 September 2012

Frog off

Here's a little something I took part in.
Once you're on board, tap "O" and you'll see a frog rigged and animated by yours trully.

Jet Lag, in a plane with Jean-Marie Dru; par TBWA365

to roughly translate, he talks about a time when his company (TBWA) tried to expand to Great Britain. But they were rejected and you could see marking's on the walls saying : "FROG OFF"
You know... Because you call us frogs... Because we're supposed to eat them... are we canibals to you?
Never ate any by the way.

See you Crazy Frogs...

4 September 2012


Just a new demo reel, waiting for some shot I made to come out in october :

Foehn Reel 2012 v2 from Foehn Gallet on Vimeo.

I reajusted a few on my SFM animations from when I released it first and... That's it.

See you... Guys.

31 August 2012

Double Rainbow !

I've named, said, read and written these two words so many time in the last few days I can't even look at it anymore.

Double Rainbow (Arg!) is the name of this new video but I guess you'll find out  pretty quickly why.
It's all been animated in the SFM in keyframes and errr... I'll get back to Maya for a while I think ^^'

So the animation is getting better for a second try at SFM but it's still not good enough.
But you're here to enjoy the video are you not?
So I'll leave you to it.

Here is the tutorial that helped me make the rainbows if you're intested.

See you space cowboy...

12 July 2012

SFM cherry popping

Hi everyone! (It makes it look like I have so many viewers).

Maybe you know, or maybe you don't, but an awesome software was released in beta version recently.
So, For those who don't know what a beta is... Well I explained what it was in the french version of my blog because my parents read it but odds are that people reading it here will be working in animation or video games so you probably know what it is.

So Valve, (creators of Half Life and Team Fortresse 2) released the beta version of the tool they use to make their movies : Source Filmmaker.
Basicly, it's a real-time 3D studio.
You put your set, characters, cameras, lights, play your characters or animate them, add some sound and color correction and you're done.

It was the first time I'd use it so it took me a day and animations are not great (animation I did myself I mean, wich is 2 shots) but I'll get better... Obviously.

Enjoy :

And see you space cowboy...
(Tomorow, friday july, 12th will be Firefly 10th anniversary)